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A new Netflix addiction?

This show has easily been one of the most controversial Netflix series put out to air.

The show is about a girl in high school who is struggling with being bullied and was forced to face countless hard things that most people don’t even have to face in a lifetime. She soon commits suicide but not before she was able to record 13 tapes to tell the people she blamed why they were a factor in her decision.

Many parents and schools believe this series is glorifying suicide and making it look like “a cool thing to do” and worry their children may make this decision without thinking because it was something on TV. However, this series covers more than just suicide. It covers other serious topics like rape, assault, LGBTQ topics, gun control, popularity, and many more moral and ethical decisions. For me, the show is teaching students how to behave and what real things happen in school and why they should be recognized and corrected. It opens the conversations on how others peoples actions affect others, which I believe is SO important.

The last point I have, when the MTV show “Teen Mom” aired people thought it was glorifying teen pregnancy, which could have been argued since a lot of girls did think if they got pregnant they could be on the show. BUT once it was talked about and had been on for a while for teens to see, teen pregnancy rates decreased! Girls STOPPED getting pregnant and learned all the ways to protect themselves. The controversial show helped people and changed things for the better. I do believe this show “13 Reasons Why” will do the same. (Plus it was on school reading lists before it became a show)

Here’s to another season!

13 Reasons Why, Update


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