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My new addiction!

For those who are attached to their phones , here is just another reason to keep your phone in hand! (not that you even needed a reason)

There is a new phone came my boyfriend found me, and it’s called “Design Home”
It’s under Games in the app store if you have an iPhone. I am not sure if it’s android compatible, but it’s worth a look.

Design Home attracts interior design lovers! You can connect via Facebook for ease, and once you’re in you will see these homes based in L.A or Canada, or even ocean front properties which you can design specific rooms in the house! You are given a budget, and most of the time challenges in the game to keep you on your feet! Challenges include: decorating with 3 tufted items, or requires traditional and modern furniture; and you have to stay in your budget! Once the room is complete, live people will vote on the room you decorated and you can win more money and furniture.

I love interior decorating, and I love seeing all the possibilities other people have done to the same room I designed.

It’s addicting, and it’s FREE!
Of course,  there are in-game purchases, but you can play enough without having make any real life purchases.

Happy designing!



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